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It has been announced that the recalled pet food made by Menu Foods contains rat poison. It has not been said how it got there. The recall was put in place last week after reports of cats and dogs with kidney failure started surfacing. 60 million cans and foil pouches of “cuts and gravy” style food were involved in the recall. Over 90 brands of popular and store brand pet foods were included.

New York State Agriculture Commissioner Patrick Hooker and other speakers announced their findings from an Albany lab.

Hooker said the the toxin has been identified as aminopterin. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the substance is used to kill rats in some countries but isn’t registered for that use in the United States.

The pet food has been linked to kidney failure in cats and dogs. Some of the signs to watch out for include increased drinking of water, loss of appetite, and vomitting. If you pet ate any of the recalled food and is showing these signs, contact your veterinarian immediately.

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