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Peoria Man Killed by Passenger Train

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A 20-year-old man from Peoria was killed in a railroad accident in Monmouth on Friday. He was struck by a passenger train in front of the Monmouth Public Safety Building at a railroad crossing.

One woman witnessed the tragic accident and ran to the nearby police station to report a pedestrian was just struck by a train.

The woman said it appeared the pedestrian did not realize the eastbound train was coming. A freight train went by just before the passenger train arrived.

” I saw everything, a man on the sidewalk was waiting for a freight train to pass, once it passed the man proceeded to cross the tracks and walked into the path of another train where he was struck,” the witness stated.

Lack of visibility at the train crossing due to the surrounding buildings may be part of the reason for the accident. The Monmouth Police Department is investigating the accident.