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Chinese Tires Up for Recall

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A defective car tire is under pressure to be recalled because there is danger of the treads separating. The tires were manufactured in China and distributed by an American import company. They are missing a gum strip, a safety feature. The recall affects over 450,000 tires. Foreign Tire Service is the American company.

FTS said it believes other importers also sold such tires made by Hangzhou Zhongce. The Chinese company has failed to provide information that would allow FTS to determine exactly how many tires, and which batches, have the problem, Lavigne said.

According to the filing, the Hangzhou tires at issue were sold under at least four brand names – Westlake, Compass, Telluride and YKS – in these sizes: LT235/75R-15; LT225/75R-16; LT235/85R-16; LT245/75R-16; LT265/75R-16; and LT3X10.5-15.

FTS has claimed that they can not afford to recall all of the affected tires and that it will put them out of business. They have already had one lawsuit filed against them for wrongful death involving the tires.