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Chrissie Cole

Customer Sues Big Lots For Slip and Fall

A woman visiting a Big Lots store in Granite City claims she was injured when she slipped and fell on water that was on the floor near the service desk.
The lawsuit, filed by Donna Young, seeks…

Shannon Weidemann

Mount Baker Man and Dog Attacked by Pit Bulls

A man and his dog were attacked in Mount Baker, just outside of Seattle, by two pit bulls. They were out for a walk when the dogs attacked them. Both of the pit bulls were found and are at the Seattle Animal Shelter. No decision has been made on whether the dogs will be euthanized. The dogs’ owner, a woman, could face up to a $1,000 fine and criminal charges in connection with the attack,…

Shannon Weidemann

Dog Bites Woman in Iowa

A woman was walking in Iowa City on Saturday morning when she was attacked by a mixed breed dog. The woman suffered a dog bite on her leg. The victim described the dog as being either a German Shepherd or a Collie mix. According to police, a female pedestrian was walking in the 900 block of North Dodge Street when she passed an unidentified white woman who was walking two dogs around 9:20…

Shannon Weidemann

Dog Bites North Carolina Child

A family pet bit a child in Four Oaks, North Carolina and the child needed to be hospitalized for the injury. It is unknown why the dog bit the child. The director of the local Animal Services office says that the bite was “pretty bad.” No other details were immediately available about the age or condition of the child, who was attacked by a pet English bulldog, Wilkinson said. Wilkinson said…

Shannon Weidemann

Florida Boy Suffers Dog Bites From Pit Bull

A five-year-old boy was severly bitten by a pit bull on Tuesday and needed more than 250 stitches to repair the damage. The dog bite attack happened at the neighbor’s home in Polk County. “He has multiple bites to the head and various different punctures through the lower region of his body,” Barker said. “He’s also bit through his arms and his legs. He’s in good condition right now. He is…

Shannon Weidemann

Texas Boy Attacked by Pit Bull

A 6-year-old boy was attacked by a pit bull in Houston and the injuries were so severe that it required over 200 stitches to repair. The boy was playing with the dog at his mother’s home. The dog bite attack happened on Saturday evening. Harris County Animal Control officials went to the residence after deputies responded to the call but did not take the dog into custody because it is not a…

Shannon Weidemann

Tips to Avoid Dog Bites

National Dog Bite Prevention Week was last week and this is a great time to review some tips to avoid being biten by a dog. Common thought is that mail carriers are most at risk, but children are much more likely to receive a dog bite than any other group.  Don’t run past a dog. The dog’s natural instinct is to chase and catch prey.  If a dog is threatening, don’t scream. Avoid eye…

Shannon Weidemann

Tulare County Dog on Loose After Biting Third Person

A dog in Tulare County is responsible for three dog bite incidents and remains on the loose after animal control officers could not locate him. Knuckles is part bull dog and part pit bull and has bitten three people on three different occasions. The first two times he was held for observation and his rabies vaccination was up to date. After the third incident on August 31, 2006 he could not…

Shannon Weidemann

Postal Carriers Being Bitten by More Dogs

Mail Carriers around the country are dealing with more and more dog attacks and bites. In the last 18 months alone 215 incidents involving aggressive dogs have been reported in the Sacramento District. 84 mail carriers have been bitten or attacked. April is traditionally the most dangerous time of year for postal carriers, because as the weather is generally pleasant, neither too hot or too…

Shannon Weidemann

Cheyenne Woman Suffers Dog Bites

A jogger in Cheyenne was attacked by a dog that was not vaccinated for rabies. She was running by a house on Victoria and a dog came at her.The victim had this to say:”It was showing me its teeth. It wasn’t just barking. Dogs bark … anytime you run by they bark … this one was showing me his teeth””I was screaming and I tried running and I turned around and the owner was in the yard and I…