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Shannon Weidemann

Man Dies in Long Beach Car Accident

A 24-year-old man from Anaheim was killed in a car accident on the Long Beach Freeway on Saturday. He was a passenger in a Camry that hit a tree. The 18-year-old driver was believed to be driving under the influence when he lost control of the vehicle. As he approached the overpass at about 70 mph, Arvizu swerved to the right to enter the transition lane and lost control of the Camry.The car…

Shannon Weidemann

Pedestrian Hit by Muni Bus

A person was hit by a Muni bus this morning in San Francisco. The pedestrian accident happened on Market Street. The victim was crossing the street at the time of the accident. Four people were hit by Muni vehicles in August. Today’s accident occured at 5:50 a.m. on Market near Sixth Street, said San Francisco Police Lt. Mike Cleary. The pedestrian was taken to the hospital with minor…

Shannon Weidemann

Floor Mats Recalled by Toyota

Toyota has received complaints that some of their vehicles may be accelerating unintentionally and they are now issuing a recall for floor mats. The recall covers placemats in certain Camry and Lexus models. Owners of all Toyota models are urged by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to make sure their floor mats are installed correctly. As the Free Press first reported last…

Shannon Weidemann

Long Beach Police Car Involved in Accident

Three people were injured when they were involved in a car accident with a Long Beach Police car. The accident happened on the Pacific Coast Highway. There were two officers in the police car and three people in the other vehicle. The patrol car was traveling southbound on Santa Fe Avenue and was making a left turn onto PCH when it was struck by a 1980 Toyota Celica, Long Beach police…

Shannon Weidemann

Coronado Sued After Lifeguard Drives Truck Over a Woman on Beach

A woman vacationing in Coronado last August has sued the city after she was run over by a truck being driven by a lifeguard. The personal injury lawsuit is asking that trucks not be used on the beach anymore and all vehicles should have a warning alarm when they are moving. She is also seeking monetary damages for her injuries and time off from work. The lawsuit alleges that a lifeguard, who…

Shannon Weidemann

Car Accident Kills Man in Long Beach

A 23-year-old man from Compton was killed in a single car accident in Long Beach last week. He was the one driving the car that also contained a female passenger. The victim was driving southbound on Cherry Avenue in a green 1993 Jeep Cherokee when he drove up onto a raised center median, struck a tree and spun 190 degrees before coming to a rest with all four tires on the median, Pratt said….

Shannon Weidemann

Reckless Drivers in Long Beach Kill Pedestrian

A woman crossing the road at Paramount Boulevard between Candlewood Street and 55th Street. Two cars were speeding down the street, one in pursuit of the other. One of the vehicles hit the pedestrian in Long Beach. Both drivers were driving about 60 mph in a 35 mph zone, Pratt said. There was a dispute between the drivers, and Wiswell, who was driving in front of Anderson, slammed on his…

Shannon Weidemann

Person Dies in San Jose Car Accident

One person died and another two were injured in a car accident on Interstate Highway 280. The three car accident happened during Thursday morning rush hour traffic. The car accident happened in San Jose at Race Street and ended with one car on fire. At about 7:38 a.m. the three-car accident was reported to the CHP. Several drivers who passed the scene reported seeing a black Toyota Camry as…

John Bisnar

Do I Have A Case? – Dangerous Condition

Question emailed to me:”Do I have a strong case?”I parked in the guest registration parking spot to check out of a motel. I dropped my keys on the way in and bent down to pick them up. When I straightened up, I rammed my head into the corner of a square edged “guest registration parking” sign. The pain was intense, I fell and was gushing blood. A motel employee got me a towel for the…

Shannon Weidemann

Man Backs Into Gas Pump in Long Beach

A man filled up his gas tank at the United Oil Station on Long Beach Boulevard and then backed into the gas pump, causing a fire. The car accident happened on Saturday in the afternoon. No one was hurt during the accident and the fire that followed. The pumps had shear valves, which shut the pump off, but a pool of fuel underneath the pump caught on fire.”It wasn’t a big open fuel fire, but…