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Royal Oak Pedestrian Accident

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A Clawson man was walking on Gardenia Avenue near Main Street when he was hit by a car. The 22-year-old victim was taken to the hospital. He was hit by a Dodge Stratus and the driver of the car did not stop after hitting the man.

Shortly after the accident was reported, a traffic crash was reported in the area of Dewey and Cody, northeast of the intersection of Main and Gardenia. A red Dodge Stratus had struck a fire hydrant. Police arrested the female driver for operating while intoxicated and in connection with the pedestrian accident. The driver was injured in the fire hydrant accident and was taken to William Beaumont Hospital under police custody.

She is believed to be the same driver that hit the pedestrian. The Royal Oak police are investigating the accident and ask anyone with information to please contact them. The accident happened on March 28th around 10 p.m.