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Expensive Cars Not Exempt From Recalls

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Recalls affect the auto industry the same as any other. Buying an expensive, luxury car is not an assurance that you will not be buying a car that will be recalled though.

Most recalls are preemptive, initiated by auto makers for flaws that could potentially have disastrous consequences. Though the recalls affecting the largest number of vehicles tend to involve midrange and economy cars and trucks, there were also some notable luxury recalls last year.

Toyota, which suffered a number of attention-getting recalls last year, called back 367,594 of its Lexus RX line of luxury SUVs because loose clips in the driver’s side forward center console could allow carpet to slip and interfere with the accelerator pedal. The company also recalled 28,947 Lexus IS and GS sedans for seat-belt issues.

It is important to research any car thoroughly before buying it. Look into the history of a car model and brand if buying a new or used vehicle. Keep researching even after you have purchased to make sure your car is not recalled.