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Coronado Sued After Lifeguard Drives Truck Over a Woman on Beach

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A woman vacationing in Coronado last August has sued the city after she was run over by a truck being driven by a lifeguard. The personal injury lawsuit is asking that trucks not be used on the beach anymore and all vehicles should have a warning alarm when they are moving. She is also seeking monetary damages for her injuries and time off from work.

The lawsuit alleges that a lifeguard, who is not identified, “drove the vehicle right over Plaintiff Sarah Bouvet as she lay on the beach – running over both legs, thighs and ankles, first with the right front tire, then with the right rear tire.”

Bouvet was in the hospital for two days. Doctors took X-rays and scanned her body for injuries. She said she suffered “big bruises, and burns on my legs and thighs.”

The city provides lifeguards with a beach driving training course. The California State Parks department states the amount of lifesaving equipment that they need means that trucks are necessary.